Stony Batter slopes; a small part of the view; the main entrance.
Society members at work; a small part of one tunnel; a 9.2" gun as it was in 1946.
Stony Batter Protectioin & Restoration Society logo
Badge of the Royal New Zealand Artillery. Motto: Quo fas et glory ducunt (Where fate and glory lead).
Royal New Zealand Artillery. Motto: Quo fas et gloria ducunt (where fate and glory lead).
Where the pumpshed had been during the war
21st century restoration of the pumpshed
21st century restoration of the pumpshed
There were three bunkers outside the tunnel-complex. This is #3.
A Ruston-Hornsby engine & generator in Hull, Yorkshire, England before being shipped to New Zealand. It is the same as the equipment originally installed at Stony Batter.
Stony Batter Protection & Restoration Society volunteers, plus some Hull locals, dismantling the Ruston-Hornsby.
The Ruston-Hornsby gear after being dismantled
The Ruston-Hornsby on Waiheke, being trucked to Stony Batter.
The Ruston-Hornsby being winched along a tunnel to the engine-room, as was original one during the war.
The electric motor for the hydraulic pump that operated a gun's hydraulics
A technical chin-wag over the hydraulic pump
Pump-room parts: the hydraulic pump
Pump-room parts
The Ruston-Hornsby in place in the Stony Batter engine-room
Ruston-Horner: close-up of manifold and gauges
Restoration, apart from being hard work, has to be true to the original state of things. When that means restoring the engine-room to what it was, that means finding an engine and generator the same as what was originally installed during the war. For Stony Batter, that meant finding one in Hull, Yorkshire, England, dismantling and shipping it out to New Zealand, then painstakingly winching it along to the engine-room. But the tunnel originally used had been concreted off, so that had to be removed first.
Where the pump-shed used to be during the war. It had long since vanished, leaving only the foundation.
Restoration by society volunteers in the twenty-first century, well under way.